Agents of Chaos: Amazing show at the Castro Friday May 31st
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Date: Fri, 24 May 2013 15:06:10 -0700 (PDT)

                                 *****************AGENTS of CHAOS******************

                                      Join us in celebrating the idea of Cacophony

                                     the Castro Theatre May 31st starting at 7:30 pm


This show is in support of the new book by John Law, Kevin Evans and Carrie Gallbraith:

                                           Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society


                                  It’s the first “unauthorized” book release party in history!


This show is going to epic. We have drawn together a group of people who shape the world. These are the people who jam culture, prank the status quo by wielding dangerous ideas. They create content the world copies. Really. I’m not just saying this. Look at the list of people who are performing:



         The Yes Men are a group who perform media hoaxes and who pose as representatives       of major companies and issue apologies and award fake grants for that companies poor behavior. They are a biting commentary on how far you have to go to make your point, their YouTube videos have been seen by millions of viewers. They have made 2 movies.


Ivan Stang

         Ivan Stang is the leader of the movement known only as the Church of the SubGenius which as started (some say) as early as 1980. The SubGenius books have sold over a million copies and the iconic figure J.R. Bob Dobbs can still be seen haunting bookshelves, blogs, t-shirts and tattoos. Ivan will host our show. Polly


Polly Superstar

                  Polly Superstar is a clothing designer, an instigator of the sex-positive movement, author and owns the sex club Kinky Salon. She will be rustling her herd of Sparkleponies and representing Burning Man for our show!


Brian Doherty

         Author of 5 books, editor of Reason Magazine, pundit for Fox News and bass player for Banned Rehearsal will give our keynote speech on why Cacophony is good for America!!!! From


Art of Bleeding

         From the smithereens of the Los Angeles Cacophony Society Dr. Al Ridenour brings the naughtly nurses, the medical robot, Abrahm the safety ape and much more in the most bizzare medical presentation show you’ve seen since that assembly in 3rd grade.


Lera Boroditsky

         Professor Boroditsky will present her award winning TED talk on how Cacophony changed the face of human evolution. Her groundbreaking work on how language shapes thought has changed the direction of cognitive scientists around the world and she now shares her wisdom with us on how Cacophony is the new language for the new generation.


Jamie DeWolf

         The grandson of L. Ron Hubbard, Jamie DeWolf is the host and creator of  the wildly successful Tourette’s without Regrets variety show, he is an editor at the NPR show Snap Judgement and he will be hosting a short game show for this program.

With special appearances from:

Fou Fou Ha!  They’re like clowns, but they’re actually fun!

Rosehips Dance!  Gypsy-styled and super choreographed!


Chuck Cirino from the television show Weird America will host excerpts from his show during the seating from 7:30 to 9:00


Phil Glau will present his 90 minute epic documentary film: CIRCUS REDICKULESS at 10:30. Follow Chicken John and company as they go on a national dis-ass-tour! See the clowns get thinner as the days gruel on… this film won several film festivals including the Tribeca Film Festival for documentary. It’s hard to watch. Many of you won’t be able to sit through it!!


There will be book signings, although we don’t know yet who will sign them, because the authors won’t be there!!! C’mon, don’t ya love this town? The authors are bent out of shape because they only want to do “small” things. This is too “big”. Or too “good”, maybe. Who knows...


The publisher of the book will be at the Castro selling copies of the tome (as will our very own Ants!), but we havn’t figured out who will be on hand to sign them. Maybe we’ll just find some old people and they can sign the books…


Anyway… it’s my first (and probably only) Castro show. It’s really exciting and kinda scary because it’s 1,400 seats to sell!!! Please pass this along if you can, it really is a lot of great people to support…  and the show will be fantastic. I get goosebumps even thinking about it.


I hope to see you next Friday the 31st at the historic Castro Theatre!!!





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