Castro marquee for sale this Friday...
From: chickenjohn (
Date: Sun, 26 May 2013 23:11:05 -0700 (PDT)
So we are doing a show this Friday at the Castro. I know, I know… I forgot to put the link for where to buy tickets on last week… sorry. Here it is:

Tickets start at $20. You can also buy a copy of the book for $20 (if you buy it in advance, they will be $25 at the show). 

But we are also 'selling' the marquee to the highest bidder. You see, we get to put whatever we want on the Marquee when you rent the Castro. We are willing to Sublet it to one of you for $$. 

That could be your name in lights!!! 

Money talks, let me know your idea and how much you are willing to shell out for it, you can catch up the minute progress on bidding on the Agents of Chaos Facebook page:

Just added to the bill:    ROSEHIPS DANCE AND FOU FOU HA!!!!!

We are happy also that the Ants that worked the door for the All Worlds Fair will be at the door to the Castro, stamping and bureaucrating…

Much to my dismay, there are many of you who have simply never heard of the Yes Men. How sad. Allow me to make an introduction…

People of the list, meet Ivan and Jacques:

shown here holding up fakes New York Posts that they made tens of thousands of….

Here is what they do:

Posing as a PR guy from Dow Chemical, Jacque here is accepting full responsibility for a chemical spill, and is promising to give xxxx amount of billions of dollars to the people that were harmed as a result of Dow Chemical's poor safety bla bla… which in turn FORCED Dow Chemical to issue a response that they are not accepting responsibility, they are not giving anyone any money and so on…   

It's pretty sneaky stuff… 

They create hoaxes that are so real looking, it's hard to tell what the fuck is going on. You can watch endless videos on Youtube, but check out their website, their body of work is stunning:

Late last year, they did a Kickstarter for a feature film. Their ask was $100,000. They received $146,000. 

The presentation on Friday will be short, but we wanted to include the Yes Men in our Cacophony show to remind them that we are partners and we have their back if they need us. We have the highest respect for them and and giddy about giving them a stage in SF… 

You also should be reading the Blog about the Castro show. It's hysterical.


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