Selling marquee at the Castro for Friday night show...
From: chickenjohn (
Date: Wed, 29 May 2013 18:18:33 -0700 (PDT)

I'm down to see peoples' names in lights… got any ideas for the marquee at the Castro Theatre for the Agents of Chaos show this Friday? God knows this show isn't going to break even, so a fella's gotta get it where he can…

I will put WHATEVER YOU WANT on the marquee for the Castro this Friday. Whoever gives me the most money, wins. Think of it, YOUR name, in lights… that girl that won't pay attention to you will now pay attention!!! Your band, quit your job in style… spend your tech money on something really really stupid!!!!  

Just send 'em along… so far, we've got:

"Chicken John is exploiting John Laws book and you are paying for it"
"will you marry me thing" (might not be real, which is funny…)
"California tried Chicken: you'll love it too!"
2 band names
one apology
"Welcome Cacophonists!"
"Big Sale: Pranks 50% off!"
"JR Bob Dobbs, live in person!!!"

and my favorite: 
"The John Law band, featuring John Law"

OK, anyone have any better ideas? 

The blog for the SFIOP by Benjamin Wachs is sublime. I haven't laughed out loud so much since Skippy ate all the ecstasy and asked me about God… 

Read ALL of them!!!!

and buy a ticket to the show:

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