Agents of Chaos TONIGHT at the Castro Theatre!!!!!!
From: chickenjohn (
Date: Fri, 31 May 2013 15:00:54 -0700 (PDT)

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Tonight’s show is going to be historic. Epic. I can't even believe it's happening. It's like a weird dream. The Castro is stunning. Standing on the stage with all of the beautiful 1920s art deco flourish makes me happy, giddy even. And the sound and staging disasters will be sorted out soon too. The freaks and intellectuals, the pranksters and the comedians, the clowns and scholars are coming out in full force to make this show work. Somehow.


The Castro’s stage will likely never see such an assembly of talent again. Soon this beautiful theater will be filled with an unparalleled assembly of Cacophony-inspired performers and enthusiasts – like a convention of pranksters. We have sold out of balcony seats and ‘middle front’ seats. We have plenty of books, though; unlike the official release party where they ran out (zing!).


Introducing Ivan Stand and Andy Bichlbaum was downright nifty. Two guys who are responsible for so many people seeing the world so differently… And at a run through of the show last night seeing the young sparkleponies all interacting with the matronly Chuckles from the Art of Bleeding… it was like Pride and Prejudice only not at all like that.


It’s all this complicated dance of spending billions and billions of calories to put a show in your head on a stage. A show of a people who are always just kidding…


Our keynote speaker Brian Doherty said the funniest thing last night:


“ …learn how to make a satisfying life outside the commercial nexus, and then and sell tickets to it. And if you don’t make enough money on the tickets, you can always sell a book later about how everyone really missed the boat on the coolest thing in the world. “


By the way, we got a little press for our show tonight in the SF Weekly:


Tickets “might” still be available at the door, better to buy in advance:



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