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Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2013 16:26:24 -0700 (PDT)
OK, so everyone you know is going to Camp Tipsy. Well it sure would be nice if people who are going could buy their tickets BEFORE the 13th, so I can use the money to pay for stuff for the event. Any monies collected after the 13th will be available to me ten days after the event. That's not going to work. Please help!!! 

Camp Tipsy is from Thursday June 20th to Sunday June 23rd at the beautiful Lake Lodoga Marina. Tickets are available here:

Camp Tipsy is totally the funnest thing I have ever done. It's great to get out in nature and really use the table saw.

 There are tons of photos at

PNG image

There are Camp Tipsy T-shirts, if you are excited. 


You can buy one, somehow. Didn't think about how to sell them… I'm gonna work on that… 

We have our very own Lake Lodoga SUNSCREEN!!!!

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Free with your purchase of a ticket (this sunscreen is better for the lake then the petrochemical kind)

Our musical guests this year include Daniel Fries and his Flamenco Band:

Benjamin Wachs, the last of Barretts privateers:


Sean Hayes and his surprisingly large band:

There are some great boats being planned, too. Boat contest Sunday, June 23rd at noon… This is going to be an epic year. it's kinda weird, because this is the first year we have to institute a gate fee. But it was going to happen sometime, and here it is. What does it mean? It means it's going to be better. We now have a budget and we can use it to make it all work instead of being forever rushed and exhausted. We can go up a little earlier. We can hire people to help. We are renting the space and have rights. We have the good insurance. There is a forklift. We made a map. it's all going to equal it being more fun. I know you are thinking that more organization is just going to ruin it. Don't be like that. The people who show up to throw this thing aren't power hungry broken people sucking the fun marrow out of everything like the Larry and Marion show from Burning Man. There isn't some higher meaning here. This is a camping trip, and I don't' have anything to prove other then building boats is super fun. 

See for yourself! Come camp out with us and I swear you'll laugh the entire time… 


photo by Skot Kuiper, 2012_094

One of my favorite boats last year, the Dune Buggy…

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