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From: chickenjohn (
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2013 09:11:45 -0700 (PDT)


OK, so I hate to be all organized. I do. I guess it’s my distaste for the Larry’s and Marions of the world that run their events like a prison. But we had to get a teeny bit more organized. So I had the website re-designed with information on it. It’s hard to walk the line between “keep it small” and “enough people to create Chaos”. Who cares. There is more and better info there on that website now, and there is a map:


On the upper right there is a “grid” button. Now you can grid your camp spot to your friends.  There is another button called “camps”. When people let us know where their camps are, we’ll try to put them in. You can write me an email, and tell me.


Someone is building a floating library. There is a team doing a bridge (to nowhere?). There is some secret talk of a catapult, that isn’t very secret if you ask me. There have been some really weird questions this year, like “Does wood float?” and “what if I don’t want to build a boat, can I just lounge around all day in my bikini?”. And the now famous: “Isn’t it just easier to buy a boat that’s already made?”.


I answer these questions, but with other questions.  The world needs questions.


Camp Tipsy is in 9 days. If you are coming, please buy a ticket now because I gotta spend money like I’m watering the lawn.


I will send you photos from the lake when I’m up there. I’m pretty blissed out that it all came together.


Join us!!!!!!



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