Come to Camp Tipsy
From: chickenjohn (
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2013 16:06:19 -0700 (PDT)

Camp Tipsy is here. We are on site and making it all work. It’s hot here. The water is fantastic. Are you coming? You should come!!!! Do you not know what Camp Tipsy is? Is that possible?

Camp Tipsy is an annual boat building contest and camp out 120 miles north of SF 

Sit on a haybale and sing songs around a fire.



Take a sunset cruise on the Inconvenience. Here are some shots of us launching her into the lake, installing the motor and then a long shot of the second story we are building on her…


The junkyard is stocked with bullshit. There are boats new and old. Old: we have clams of course. New: the pedal powered ferris wheel is now in the water…


We sectioned off a small piece of the lake and are heating it with an on demand hot water heater. We made a hot tub ‘in’ the lake.


The moon lazily strolls across the sky as we burn old boats that didn’t weather well (on the ground) over the winter. The night is still, talk of failed attempts of nautical engineering and no one’s phone really works. But I brought my welder and my drill press if ya need to make brackets for something…


Tickets are $140 and they are worth every penny. If you have ever appreciated the odd productions of the denizens of the City of Art and Innovation this is the culmination of all the best and none of the worst.




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