final push for bicycle ferris wheel Kickstarter!!!!!
From: chickenjohn (
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2013 12:13:49 -0700 (PDT)

We set the Bicycle Ferris Wheel Boat funding for $3,500 but that's just for the parts. In order to pay Paul da Plummer we have raise an additional $1,500 for a total of $5,000 (it's actually $4,100 when you include Kickstarter fees and the money to mail out the rewards and stuff). If you didn't know, this is Chicken John running this thing for Paul who's buzy buzy. I asked Paul to write a little something to send out...

from Paul:

Tipsy was the maiden voyage for the Amphibious Bike Ferris Wheel. It was an amazing spectacle on the water, and a work in progress. The work that started a month ago occupied the Box Shop`s outdoor space. Rent was paid, materials purchased, and the worlds first Amphibious Bike Ferris Wheel floated on Lake Lodoga!! An amazing amount of labor and help from friends went into the magic that makes Camp Tipsy special. The $3500.00 goal is a start. Any-one who has done this kind of thing knows the toil, agony, and ecstasy of doing something great. I really took a hit on this one in the Summer of Love What We Do! Please help the Amphibious Bike Ferris Wheel reach $5000.00! The success at Tipsy was largely due to the amazing amount of floating bullshit at the Tipsy`s Junk Yard. The craft was a bit unstable when loaded down with over 10 people. This was quickly remedied with the parts of a boat from Tipsy 2012: Spock Mountain Labs vessel. We used the pontoons to stabilize the ferris wheel. Without those pontoons, it would have been unsafe. Now the re-engineering begins. I am really grateful for the support from our community. Please help the Amphibious Bike Ferris Wheel float beyond Tipsy`s shores. We hope to see it in the Bay some day. Portland August 10th is the next time the Amphibious Bike Ferris Wheel is scheduled to float. Please help Kickstarter reach $5000.00 and help this dream come true.


So we have 3 hours to go, I hope some of you can maybe kick down and we can break $5K. And we can keep Paul happy and keep his shop rent paid and he can keep making amazing things for us to play on. This is a grant we are giving him, if you wanna look at it like that. He built this with the community in mind, the community should help out!!!! 


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