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From: chickenjohn (
Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2013 11:42:54 -0700 (PDT)

So you may or may not know that in 2006 the voter of San Francisco voted in Prop G and stated that formula retail stores (defined by more then 11 stores) had to have a planning commission hearing before being issued permits to open a store in the Valencia Corridor. This is a good idea. This has kept Valencia (mostly) chain store free. You may remember the battle against American Apparel a few years ago. If one chain store gets in, it will open the floodgates and Valencia will have Cinnibun, Burger chains, Urban Outfiters, Starbucks, Jamba Juice, Chipolte, Target, McDonalds, Wal Mart and who knows what else.


The lease for Adobe Books came up for renewal, and the landlord tripled the rent forcing them out. Who can pay $12,000 a month for a 1,500 sq. ft. storefront? Liz Clairbourne can. The company the owns Juicy Couture, you may have seen these words on the ass of a sweat pant last time you were in a K Mart in Fresno. Liz Clairbourne has a line of menâs wear called: JACK SPADE. Jack Spade is a line of products from Liz Clairbourne mulit billion dollar company. They want to sell these products on 16th street. And thatâs fine, they can try, but there HAS TO BE A HEARING IF YOU ARE A FORMULA RETAILER. They lied on their permit application. Said they werenât a formula retail store. Because there are only ten other Jack Spades. And because the permit expeditor is also the chair of the Mission Merchants Association, he conveniently didnât bother to tell anyone ANYTHING because he is a lying liar.


So now we have to turn the clock back and get a hearing to request that Jack Spade start over from the beginning like a formula retailer trying to get a permit (YES, we want this). I should also tell you that we were late filing this appeal, because of sneaky monkey business. So we are behind, and the opposing side has INFINITE MONEY. So what do we do?


We have a show, of course. Join us this very evening at the Make Out Room for an evening of music, a live auction (hosted by me) and talks about what we can do to stop this bullshit. Doors at 7, first band goes on at 7:30. Auction starts at 8:00.  $5-$15 door.


7:30  Sonny Smith

8:00  Live auction with Chicken John

8:30   Comedian Kate Willett

9:00   Titan Ups

Make Out Room is 3223 22nd street 

Here is the Facebook invite for tonightâs show at the Make Our Roomâ


Here is the Facbook fan page that if you âlikeâ you will get updates:


The hearing that is to determine weather or not Jack Spade should start all over again as a CHAIN STORE and have a planning commission hearing is:


Wedensday the 14th of August at 5:00. We need people to show up for this. The opposition is PAYING PEOPLE TO COME. They have UNLIMITIED FUNDS. If you can come at 4:30 it would be better, we really need to have people show up. Room 416 city hall.



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