cool benefit dinner at the Chez Poulet this Sunday
From: chickenjohn (
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2014 22:08:33 -0800 (PST)
So Paul DeJong did his annual event the Folly Feast in Virginia City on Superbowl sunday and ate shit like a shit eater. He didn't make his numbers and now needs to do a fundraiser so he can come a little closer to breaking even. We took the bus and had a great time, it's a great event. This Sunday you can re-live the glory, eat some great food and see the awesome Freddi Price and Mark Growden perform with a slew of others. Tickets are $40 and I'm cooking so the food will be amazing. 


Here is from Paul:

The Folly Feast was amazing! I'm pretty sure that everyone who went had a BLAST. I did and I am already planning the next one for February stay tuned.

Duke Dutchy is in a bit of a bind however. He did not sell enough tickets to his Folly Feast and he needs to raise $4500 this weekend! If the Duke wants to do it again he will need to pay the bands in a timely fashion, so I am asking for your help! 

You can donate via if you like, but I have an even better plan! I am throwing a party to pay for my last party! Chicken John is donating his warehouse, Freddi Price and Mark Growden are donating their time, there will be an auction, amazing performances and dinner. It will be super fun. Take a date!

PLEASE come the the Folly Feast Decom/Fundraiser on Sunday Feb. 16, 2014 at 7pm! You can get tickets here or you can email me to tell me you are bringing cash and I will save you a spot. 

This will be an amazing dinner show, so please pay what you can. Both Freddi Price and Mark Growden will be performing. These are arguably two of the most talented musicians in the country and they will be performing a special show just for you in the amazing little space call the Je Poulet, which is located on Cesar Chavez near Mission Street.

There is room for about 60 people, so please get your tickets now!

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