Funeral Show this Saturday at the Chez Poulet
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Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2014 14:47:29 -0800 (PST)

 OK. So I used to haul garbage for a living. Build the Chez out of discarded junk. Build a few boats out of junk, went across the oceanâ Yada yada yada. Youâve heard it all before. But this time, itâs a little differentâ I got a call to clean out a funeral parlor. This place in Palo Alto went out of business, and I got the gig to clean the building out to the bare walls. It was weird, like one day it was a funeal palor, then next day it was closed. All the coffins were still in the showroom. Computers sitting on desks. Broom closets full of brooms and garbage bags. Tools. Church pews.  A small P.A. system. The fancy organ. Podium. Then, there was the room in the back with all the embaling stuff.

 I kept as much as I could. You guys can have it all. We are doing a few performances, an embalming lecture (from a real embalmer!), a eulogy, a few funeral dirges and a puppet show. We have tons of comfortable chairs from the funeral parlor you can have. We have 50 wooden coffin stands. A few embalming tables. Some prayer kneeling benches. Creepy medical stuff. Urns. Coffin dollys. Itâs really quite amuzing to just look at and interact with the stuff. But we are show people, and the correct response to anything is to do a show. Soâ..


The Funeral Show

Who died you ask? Well a lot of peopleâ but NO ONE died to make this funeral show happen! Itâs the best funeral youâve never been too! No one to cry about! No one to miss! What else is there to do a funeral show you ask? And what exactly is a Funeral Show?


  • Dr Hal Robins will recite The Lovesong of J. Alfred Proofrock by T.S. Elliot.
  • Benjamin Wachs will lead everyone in a rousing funeral dirge singalong!
  • Exciting stories from Kyle Bowen, a real live ELBALMER!!!

       Surreal paper mache photo booth by Hillary Andujar. 

       Fictional eulogy for Mable Louse + cosmic costumery by Hillary Andujar. Mable Louse played by Hemmie Lindholm. 

  • Freddi Price will croon for us!!!!!
  • Kate the Mysterious and her puppet show made of moose shavings, thimballs and single slice toasters!
  • Benjamin Perkins Burke will goth out with his______ out!!!!!!!
  • Loid Mongolid will prove his
  • And more!


This Saturday, Febuary 22nd 2014 7:00 show starts at 8:00 (itâs an early thing)

Chez Poulet  3359 Cesar Chavez between Mission and S. Van Ness

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