Zero Boy comes to SF on March 21st and 22nd!!!! Please vote for show or dinner & show!!!!
From: chickenjohn (
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2014 22:24:18 -0800 (PST)

Save the dates!!!!!!!!!!

Zero Boy variety show to come to the Chez Poulet on March 21st and a kids daytime show March 22nd!!!

Zero Boy is a vocal acrobat hailing from NYC. He is a wonderous talent, a singularity and a dear dear friend. He is a pleasure to be around, a hysterical disaster and a stuning, inspiring talent. Just a guy and a microphone. Truly amazing.

Iâve booked a few other acts to make it fun and round it out. Like we do. My question is should this be a $45 a plate dinner theatre (with me cooking) for 60 people or should we do a 100 person $20 a ticket show? We want to be super crazy generous with Zero, of course. Everyone who plays here swoons over the money (because they are used to dealing with scummy clubs) and dinner shows are a ton of fun but Iâm kinda remembering that I would have to beat people over the head to buy tickets then the night of the show so many people come we have to order frigginâ pizzas because we love you and canât say NO when you just show up without a ticket with money and sheepish smiles.

So write me back. Vote! Tell me what you want. Dinner and a show. Or just a show.


And if anyone has any leads on a kids band for the Saturday show let me know!!!



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