anyone wanna help artist Charlie Gadikein today or tomorrow?
From: chickenjohn (
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2014 12:37:52 -0700 (PDT)
Please come to the Boxshop and help make cubes for Squared. We are drilling holes and nutting and bolting clusters of 1600 plastic cubes for art. 

Please come help this weekend any time from 11am until night time (10 pm). Stay as long as you like. It's fun. I promise!! 

Our deadline is rapidly approaching and still lots to do. No skill or experience required. Fulfill your / our art fantasy. 

The boxshop 951 Hudson ave sf ca 94124



The Squared installation consists of a 47’-6” tall x 25’-0” wide steel tree sculptures.  The sculpture “trunk” is approximately 28’-0” high and are constructed as a Vierendeel space frame structure (without diagonals) consisting of 6” square tubing verticals with 3” horizontalmembers welded between.  The upper “canopie” are roughly 20’-0” tall and 25’-0” wide consisting of square tubing of similar construction as the "trunk".   The tree's canopy supports approximately 800 plastic cubes ranging in size from 8" to 18" cubed with internal LED’s.  The cubes are pre-assembled into "clusters" of 16 cubes and hung from the branches with steel chains.  The trunk and canopy sections break down into 20 individual sections that can fit easily into a shipping container and are bolted together in the field.

The sculpture is supported on a free-standing base consisting of four 16" deep steel wide-flange beams that are bolted to the trunk baseplate and bear directly on the ground.  In order to stabilize the nearly 50'-0" tall sculpture under extreme wind and seismic events, the base legs extend 49'-0" in diameter to distribute the load across the ground.  Similar to the upper portions of the sculpture, the base breaks down into 17 separate sections that are small enough to be shipped and bolted in the field.        

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