Zero Boy Variety Showcase this Friday Night at the Chez Poulet!!!!!
From: chickenjohn (
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2014 10:53:09 -0700 (PDT)
This Friday we are please to announce that the toast of New York City is blessing us with his presence and coming to San Francisco and doing some fundraising for his good works. That's right, Rev. Billy is in town! 

But he didn't call us to book anything with us. So we booked Zero Boy instead. 

But Zero Boy is super cool. And he doesn't ramble on and on about a liberal utopia that exists only in Barbara Streisands mind, but I digressâ Zero Boy is a vocal acrobat. He makes funny noises. He creates landscapes of sound and texture with his voice. It's absurd. It's surreal. It's really cool. We like him. He is a great connector of people in NYC and has hosted people for years and thrown festivals and generally been a catalyst for cool shit in NYC. We want to roll out the red carpet for him now that he is here. We have booked a Variety Showcase a-la Odeon for him to headline. Acts include:

Comedian Casey Ley!!!

Yo Yo stylings of Dr. Popular!!!!

Dr. Arnold  Wiedenger from the Institute for the Future will give a speech!!!!

80âs dance squad   Sparkle Motion!!!!!

Clara LaFrance on the  Trapeze!!!!

Flamenco music and dance: Daniel Fries, Lauren Smiley  and friends!!!!!!!

Anton Bertaeux: pitching his Mongolia Kickstarter  

and of course:    Zero Boy!!!!!

I'll set up a ticket sales thing tonight, only 100 seats available. 9pm this Friday the 21st at the all new Chez Poulet (check out our new floor)

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