Dates and tickets for CAMP TIPSY 2014
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Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2014 11:15:56 -0700 (PDT)

Tipsy is totally on, plenty of GAURENTEED WATER! Dates for Camp Tipsy 2014 are July 7th to July 13th.



Camp Tipsy happens on a recreational facility that historically has been run by the Bureau of Reclamation, owned by the Orleans Water Group, and was built by the state for irrigation. In the past year (in part due to our event), the county of Colusa has become interested in taking over the recreational aspect of the East Park Reservoir. Reclamation was happy to hand over the keys. So, there is a new sheriff in town at Lake Lodoga. This is good for us in many ways. You’ll see why later.

The reservoir is mandated by the federal government to not drop below a certain level. That level is 15% of its max. There are two ways to get water into the reservoir. There is but one way to get it out. The ways in are:  an aqueduct coming from Stony Gorge, and a natural creek that flows into it. So if the water in the reservoir starts to get close to 15% of the level it is when it’s full, the aqueduct brings water in. When we are at Camp Tipsy this year, the water will be somewhere ABOVE 15% of what it looks like when it’s full. And not a drop less. Other lakes will go dry, but not ours. And how much water is 15% of total pool?

It’s like 50 billion gallons or something. Instead of the lake being 3 miles long, it’s like ¾ of a mile long. You can still swim, you can still watersky… all that stuff. There is just much less lake. That means that there could be much less random people. There are some interesting benefits for the water being so low… like lots of flat spots for camping. And the terrain is nothing less than bizarre.

I thought long and hard about how we could throw this event somewhere else. I gotta tell you, paying $20,000 to move that pile of garbage when you really are thinking about doing it will make you laugh out loud. The pile has gotten pretty big. It might get its own zip code. We have almost an acre of total bullshit up there. It’s a staggering, sobering, enormous pile of crap. To look at the pile is to be forever changed. It’s just not an easy thing to look at. It’s OUR pile. To do the event without the pile would be bathed in vileness. To drop $20K to move garbage is funny, sure. But we don’t’ need to. Thank the sweet baby Jesus in a manger.

This is a save the date note. So do it. Save these dates:

July 7th to July 13. Yes, that’s a week. Camp Tipsy is now a week long event. The boat contest is on Saturday this year, the 12th. Yes, Saturday is the full moon. Sunday is clean up day. Take the week off of work. You can’t do Tipsy in a weekend. It’s just too much, you miss out on all the fun. Tickets are on sale at:

All is right in the world.


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