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From: chickenjohn (chickenjohnchickenjohn.com)
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2014 17:14:34 -0700 (PDT)

Lost Vegas is coming together!!! First of all, allow me to apologize for giving a bad link for the ticketing:



 It's next Saturday, starts at 9:00    MAY 3RD 2014

Lost Vegas is in San Francisco, 3 blocks from the 16th street BART stop. After you buy your ticket, youll receive information about where to go. Itll be fine.

There  are a few new things at Lost Vegas!!!


TOURNAMENT POKER with Robety Levy!!!!!!

            Robert is going to host a poker tournament! Tournament poker is really fun. Its starts at 7:00, and last 2-4 hours. So by the time the event gets crankin the tournament will be in the exciting second half. Here are the details:

$40 buy in

$20 re-buy

ten person minimum, 40 person maximum

Top prize to include :

2 cases of White Rock Vinyard wine ($70 per bottle value)

bi-weekly subscription Ritual Coffee 4 months

second place prize:

            1 case of White Rock Vinyard wine

            bi-weekly subscription Ritual Coffee 2 month

third place prize:

            6 bottles of White Rock Vinyard wine

            bi-weekly subscription Ritual Coffee 1 month

Plus more pizes as we get them (wanna donate something? Lemme know!!)


Outerbody labs is in the house!!!! Jason is going to host a human racetrack. If you have ever seen him do his thing, you know how fun it can be. He puts goggles on people. And points a camera at them. In the goggles, you see the output of the camera. It is the most disorienting thing. You completely lose control of your motor functions. Now get 5 people doing it racing. Hilarity!


Noona, Benjamin, Paul and a small cast have made the LVPD, with jail, courts, a crooked judge and community service!!!!



Rev. Hal Robins and Ben Burke will team up again for the Subgenius tradition of; SHOR-DUR-MAR thats Short Duration Marrages. Divorces are also available



Kareokie with your host: Dutch Cassidy (formerly known as Paul DeJong) Hes also setting up Silent Kareokie (with headphones).


Duck Fighting!!!! I have no idea what its going to be, but it sounds delicious!!!!



            there tons more room if anyone has any ideas, there are 2 build nights next week Tuesday and Thursday if you wanna throw down. We still need a few dealers and stuff. Let me know


All proceeds from Lost Vegas will go to the Camp Tipsy Art Fund:




All the money that Camp Tipsy gives to artists and to boat makers (yes, we do that!) needs to come out of a fund instead of the ticket money. Because last year I spent too much on art and we ended up losing money, thats why! So we are setting up a fund that we can add to. All proceeds from the gate and any extras goes directly into this fund.



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