the impetus for throwing Lost Vegas.. and Burning Man!!!!!!
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Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2014 20:27:56 -0700 (PDT)

A few words about the impetus for throwing Lost Vegas this Satruday.


The building is gonna get torn down. We guilted the relator to let us have a party. The space is 100 years old. Funky, old, weird, inspiring place. With a huge cement ramp! When I first saw it, I knew we had to do Lost Vegas there, so Motorcycle Madman Skippy Cross can jump the Ramp of Death of FUCKING FIRE!!!!!!!




As our city changes and we build baby build, I think its important that we maximize our access to space. The idea of gathering and collaborating in odd spaces with new people is as always its own reward and all that. But these kinds of parties are becoming fewer and further between as time goes on. So we saw the opportunity, we pushed and we got the space.


Now, what to do with it?


Lost Vegas is really fun. You gamble with chips on fucked up games and cash your chips out for prizes from what seems like rejects from the worlds worst garage sale. Its a totally interactive, totally immersive environment. The first one we did was in 1995, in Los Angeles as a fundraiser for the first Circus Redickuless tour. Its been used as a fundraising device ever since. We raised $10,000 for the junk boats to Europe using Lost Vegas. The last one we did was 3 years ago for NIMBY. This year, the money is going to pay people for performing at Camp Tipsy and for people building really ambitious boats.


Camp Tipsy lost $7,600 last year and many of us didnt get paid for the month of work. The board of the SFIOP said that this year, if we wanna give anyone money for making boats that are above and beyond (like Pauls ferris wheel boat was $1,000 and I gave a few people a few hundred for transportation and stuff) and also for paying the musicians (last year our musicians and the PA system was close to $16,500!!! Yikes!!!) we need to have a separate fund that we fundraise for. I think this year the gate money is going to match the fund 50/50, and we need to spend a little less I think. But it would be great if we could fundraise $5,000 to put in the fund and Tipsy gate money can match is and its $10,000 and we can spend half of it on music and half on ambitious art boat grants.


Lost Vegas went to Burning Man in 1996, and was an awesome theme camp. Most awesome. It was about an acre. A stage with drums, a bass, guitar and a mike for a singer. The games were set up on tables. A wedding chapel was erected. Cards were sitting on the blackjack table with a rock on them to prevent the wind from blowing them away. The wheel of smut hung from the side of an old trailer. A pile of odd junk for rewards for winners. But no staff. Lost Vegas was WWWWAAAAYYY out at the 2:00 edge. People would come mostly in packs, and populate my little hamlet. You could see the GIANT SIGN from a mile away, and lights and stuff. People would come, and without any prompting, within 30 seconds there would be a lounge band on the stage, dealers, players, chaplins marrying people the works. It totally worked. It was amazing. With only me to steward the event, people had the time of their lives. It was a total hit. It was a completely immersive environment. It was an accidental, blind collaboration of random people making it up as they went along. It was, in 1996, the only action-oriented immersive environment. The other things out there were theme parties. Togas and shit. Christmas decorations and you go and they hand you an egg nog. Prop-heavy, idea-lite. Then, I hear Larry talking about Burning Man bla bla bla and hes talking about large scale interactive sculpture and immersive environments and bla bla bla and Ive always have wanted to come up with a clever way to tell people that a small, but relivant chuck of Larrys bla bla is modeled after he watched the magic that I made with a pick up trucks worth of garbage, some old junky musical equipment, a 57 card deck and a good idea. Maybe someday I will find a clever way to tell that story without sounding petty and bitter Ill keep you posted.




Tickets to Lost Vegas are here:


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Camp Tipsy art fund:


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Benjamin Wachs book here:



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