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From: chickenjohn (
Date: Fri, 2 May 2014 11:17:16 -0700 (PDT)
Lost Vegas now has a friggin' taco truck. And tables and couches from the Black and White ball (that were going in the garbage). The event is actually Paul DeJong and Dirty Daves event. We are just doing the ambiance and stuff. It's their space to control. They are doing a bar. So you can have a taco and a beer, if you so desire. Or a martini. 

Lost Vegas has an all female boxing ring for you to bet on. It sounds kinda shady… 

There is a Lost Vegas Police Deptarment now. Noona and Paul went crazy and there is jail, a court system and sirens. 

There is a giant ramp that goes from the first to the second floor that you can drive a car up. I was a first thinking Ramp of Death on FUCKING FIRE… But then Jason from the outer body labs said he wanted to use the ramp for his goggle gig. So that is going to be amazing. Great viewing place too, from above. 

The Chapel for ShoDurMar  (the Subgenius rite of Short Duration Marriage) is beautiful. Kelly, Valerie and Sly built it last night. We have rings (for sale for a quarter)!!!!!

The night will end with Sean Kelly's FREAKTRONIC. Miami never sounded so good. Playtex living gloves. Rubber underwear. Dancers from Craigslist. 

Ticket sales are brisk. Tickets are $10 until Midnight tonight, then they are $20 and $20 at the door (unless the event sells out, which we will update on the website and ticket site). 

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