Poker Tournament this Sunday!!!!
From: chickenjohn (
Date: Thu, 29 May 2014 16:08:43 -0700 (PDT)

POKER TOURNAMENT!!!!!   This Sunday night at the Chez Poulet!!!!!

It’s for Camp Tipsy. Really. That’s why we are gambling!!!

Anyone can participate in the poker tournament and have a great time. Even if you are a terrible player you can usually last an hour or two. Everyone who participates gets a bag of coffee. There will be food available. Anyone can come and watch.

Robert Levy is in charge. He is a super cool guy who knows the ins and outs. He will manage everything and be the referee.

You play in groups of 4 or 5, depending on how many players there are. Then, as players get knocked out, we group the remaining players until the game is 3 players. When it’s 3 players, things get exciting…


Here is how Tournament poker works:

The tournament starts at 7, and depending on how many players there are, can last until 10 or 11. 

It's a $40 buy in. You buy in you get XXXX amount of chips. The other people in the tournament get XXXX amount of chips for $40 as well. 

You play poker in groups. If you run out of chips you can re-buy for $20 and get XX chips. 

When you run out of chips, you are out of the game. 

There is a 3rd place prize, a 2nd place prize and a 1st place prize, list below. 

Tournament Poker is really fun, exciting and suspenseful. ANYONE CAN PLAY.

This is the poker bluffing giant stack of chips wearing sunglasses people gathered around watching white knuckle suspense lip biting poker faced guy leaves in his underwear whisky soaked bullshit they sing about in all those shitty blues songs. That. This is that. You should play!!!! 


How to play: go here and buy a ticket:       


FIRST PLACE PRIZE:    $2,060 worth of prizes!!!!!

            *  2 TICKETS TO LAZY BEAR SF!    Lazy Bear is an underground pop up restaurant that happens at everyone's favorite illegal warehouse. It's a tasting menu, 18 courses of the finest, fanciest food you have ever tasted. Tickets to this thing are like $150 after taxes and tip, to the winner of our poker tournament THEY ARE FREE. Here is the thing: Lazy Bear is SOOOO popular, they instituted a lottery system to be fair about who gets to come. On average, 2,000 people participate in a lottery for 40 seats. So basically, if you want to eat at Lazy Bear, you can't. I have heard of people offering $500 for a ticket to Lazy Bear. But for you, this is just ONE of many prizes for winning the poker tournament. 

            *2 CASES of White Rock Vineyard wine! $70 a bottle, Napa Valley winery (the owner loves Camp Tipsy). A $1,680 value. 

            *4 month bi-weekly subscription to Ritual Coffee! A bag of Ritual coffee delivered to your door, every other week. A $150 value. 

               * A box of Organic Avocados from Santa Barbara



            * 1 CASE of White Rock Wine.

           ·      3 month subscription to Ritual Coffee

             ·      A bag of Organic Avocados from Santa Barbara



            6 bottles of White Rock Wine

            2 month subscription to Ritual Coffee. 

            An Organic Avocado from Santa Barbara


Everyone who signs up gets a bag of Ritual Coffee to take home. These are some serious prizes, and someone is going to win them!!!!!!!


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