Camp Tipsy Art Grant Awards!
From: colin fahrion (
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2014 14:51:01 -0700 (PDT)
Hey Constrampers!

We awarded several Art Grants for Camp Tipsy this year! Proceeds from Lost Vegas and out Poker Tournament all when into the grant budget which went for art grants and money for musicians. Additional matching funds from the SFIOP were provided.

Because of this new grant program you can look forward to awesomeness at Camp Tipsy like:
  • Paul da Plummer’s Bicycle Ferris Wheel Boat!
  • Hot Tub Boat, by Peef!
  • Silver Booty Space Camp with their flotilla of Space Boats!
  • Children’s Puppet Workshop by Jessie Roadkill!
  • Drive In / Boat In Movie by Mamorie!
We had one project submit a tad too late — out art grant budget has wrung dry — but we really want to see them funded! We highly encourage you to donate for the Moon Boat!


The Ark of the Moon is a floating rendition of our little blue planet’s only natural satellite. We aim not to hang the moon, but to float it, half immersed in the waters of Lake Ladoga. Our ship affects the look of a full moon rising over water, but in its perpetually half-sunk state, is also a sign of the natural order gone anarchically awry.

More info and donation info at

Yay Art!

p.s. you've seen the awesome Star Trek goes to Camp Tipsy video?
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