Bloodloss event tonight
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Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2014 08:58:15 -0700 (PDT)

Hey Chicken,

Here's the details about the show I'm playing keyboard for, and making a 5ft anatomical heart that will show a congenital heart defect.

Could you post it to your list?

Thanks, Abbie


Hello Everyone,

Bloodloss started as an album written and recorded during the year of 2009, and is now going to be a live show! Bloodloss documents my experience of being with my sister during and after two emergency surgeries and supporting her through the mental and physical process of recovery. The recovery process is, at base, a social process. Bloodloss is the story of how everyone involved helped each other to make it through this moment in time.

Bloodloss covers many themes--loss, powerlessness, abandonment, love, hate, struggle, time, giving up, etc. I see this concert as a culmination of my album and my writings at that time, which were the most direct way inside all the swirling emotions and thoughts that I went through to come to terms with how this affected my life and to really understand this experience.

After five years and my own struggle to understand these events and how they have affected me, of coming to terms with what it means to support someone you love and how this changes your life, friends and I are going to play Bloodloss the album live for the first time on August 23rd, 2014.

The proceeds from these ticket sales will go to benefit HeartWire, a web-based platform for the complex congenital heart disease community to document their lived experiences through creative _expression_. You will also have the opportunity to donate to this amazing project at the show itself.

Tickets are here:

Check out HeartWire's facebook page:

Facebook event page:

Here is the bloodloss blog, unchanged since 2009: It contains writings and poems to read, and songs for you to listen to.

Thank Much,     Jamie Kimmel

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