Tickets for Butt Kapinski tonight
From: chickenjohn (
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2014 13:53:07 -0700 (PDT)
OK< I want these show to be really packed. But who knew when I booked this 9 
months ago that we would have our stupid team in the stupid sports ball. 

So. I'm offering a triple your money back guarantee: if Butt Kapinski isn't the 
best show you have seen in 2014, I'll give you 3 times your money back in cash 
and I will wash your car in a bikini. 

Deanna is a clown. No no no… not like some dopey circus bullshit. Butt Kapinsky 
is a private eye. There has been a murder. An there is only one man who can 
solve the case: Butt Kapinski!!!! (duh dunn DUUUNNNNNN!!!!!!)

She is a teacher. She makes the other clowns funny. She is an amazing talent. 
WHY THE FUCK DO YOU THINK I BOOKED HER?Do I book crap? When is the last show of 
mine that you went to that wasn't amazing? This is worth your time. It is 
CRIMINAL that she performs in a house of 20 people in SF 2014. Criminal. The 
place should be packed with support, we should stuff money in her fists and the 
applause after the show should wake up the baby next door. 

Sportsball. I hate it. Billionaires with their million dollar stuntmen. I've 
never quite understood the appeal. I get it. You're excited. It's "your" team. 
Because you live near where the billionaire lives. Make perfect sense. I'm 
fiercely loyal myself. 

So it's up to the REST of you. Right now, we've sold like 10 tickets for 
tonight. Sigh… 

Come to the show!!!!!!!
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