This Saturday at the Castro: Margaret Show
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Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2014 15:50:52 -0800 (PST)

Brian Doherty wrote the following invitation on his feed today, asking people to come to the event this Saturday in SF. Here are his words:

"San Francisco people into mystery, stories, lost lives rescued, hauntingly gorgeous songs, and the principle that There Is No Such Thing As Garbage and that everyone's story can be deep and dark and stab you in the heart, you MUST seriously consider going on Saturday night Dec 20th to the Castro Theatre to see the stage show MARGARET, telling the story of (real-life) lost poet Margaret Rucker, whose life of beauty and tragedy and mystery has been reconstructed via a scrapbook telling her tale (in bright/dark flashes, via photos and clippings) found in a dumpster in San Francisco in the 1990s, about 40 years after her death.

It is moving and wild and unbelivable on many levels and you've never seen or heard anything like it. A book and a CD and a stage show have been made based on her story and the story of how her life and that of her family was reconstructed via how the tale moved those who found her scrapbook in the trash, and showed it to others. The stars of the story and the show include Jason Webley, John Rinaldi, Eliza Rickman, and more. Neil Gaiman would tell you to go, if you and Neil were still talking. I'm telling you to go."

He's right, of course. Everyone's story can be deep and dark and stab you in the heart. 

When I walked off the stage in April after doing this show the first time it felt really perfect. A perfect combination of story, music and mystery. And it's all real. Crazy real. The musicians that were selected to do this project are really sublime. The book we made I'm really proud of. The recordings are perfect. The live show is like a play. It's theatre. It has 3 acts. A plot twist. A conclusion. It's a real story. Beginning, middle, end. Establish. Reveal. Conclusion. And it's all real. 

Jason Webley was the headlining act at Camp Tipsy 2014 where he told this story to a group of wide eyed tipsters. 

Here is a little tour the book:

Here is a trailer with a sample of the book and songs:

Here is where you can hear all the music. Do it!!!! Listen!!!! You will be glad you did:

Here is the link to buy tickets:       (3rd floor balcony, VIP and Front Row Seats all SOLD OUT!)

I hope I see some of you this Saturday night, Dec 20th at the Castro Theatre (Castro and Market) 7:00 to 10:00. Tickets are from $20. This show is like a dream come true for me, and if you come you will certainly see why…      chicken

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