Cool show tomorrow night at the Castro
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Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2014 14:03:57 -0800 (PST)

Hi guys, I wanna tell you about an awesome show the SFIOP is presenting tomorrow night at the Castro Theatre. You may be sick of hearing about the scrapbook found in the dumpster 20 years ago that chronicled the life of Margaret Rucker. It was a cradle to grave collection of snippets of her life. Beautiful. Haunting. Odd. With a plot twist at the end. Jason was so enamored by it, he got a bunch of his hyper-talented musical friends to score it. You may be sick of Chicken telling you this. But I can’t impress upon you enough that that I believe him when he says: "this is the best thing I have ever been a part of. I know I have said that before. And I do hope I will say it again, but right now, today, this is true. I have done cool things before. This is cooler."

We are presenting that show at the Castro Theatre tomorrow, Saturday night Dec 20th. Please come.

Tickets are here:

They just did the show in Seattle (to 800 people!!!!), Portland last night and Eugene tonight. Chicken is very excited to be on tour again after all these years. He's a road dog. 

The show is a theatre piece in 3 acts, interspersed with a slide show (on the big Castro screen!) and musicians doing original compositions, mostly to published poetry found in the scrapbook. Chicken and Jason take turns telling the story at the beginning of the acts. 13 musicians do their contributions (with some amazing collaborations), calibrating to the story in the scrapbook. At the end, all the musicians do a 3 song reprise of original selections written by Jason (with Chicken playing the ukulele even!).

The music is haunting and beautiful. You can hear it here for free:

This little tour is in support of that musical release, and it comes with a small book with writing by Chicken and Jason and includes the scrapbook and liner notes about the musicians. And it also reveals the mystery. Why the scrapbook found it’s way into the dumpster. What happened to Margaret. It’s all pretty dark. But also beautiful and also totally real.

In a time of year devoted to consumerism and stale traditions, please join us as we embrace oblivion and show you that there is no such thing as garbage.

If you can not make the show, you can also buy a copy of the book/cd and they will send it to you:







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