Art reception at the Institute of Possibility
From: chickenjohn (
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2015 22:06:55 -0800 (PST)
Hey there, we are having an art show on Thursday at our little place on Cesar 
Chavez. There is no admission, just come and check out Paiges' work. Here is 
the fancy write up by Vallerie:

Most of us have made a collage at some point in our lives, or have at least 
seen plenty of them. When I hear the word collage, I think not first of the 
sophisticated Dadaism of Hannah Hoch, but rather of glossy magazine cutouts, 
overlapping and haphazardly arranged with excessive horror vacui, the curved 
edges of the cut paper curling where there was not enough paste. This genre of 
creative production may be the exclusive domain of preteen girls. Perhaps that 
is why I am so delighted with Paige Saez’s recent series of collages. Saez 
takes a page, so to speak, from the process of these amateur collage works, but 
completely departs from them on a formal level, producing colorful abstractions 
that balance delicately on fields of white space, urbane and guileless at once.

Saez’s point of departure is the magazine cutout. But rather than cut along the 
outline of some existing form, Saez arbitrarily cuts oblong shapes out of 
textures she likes. In a move that is most likely a premeditated effort to step 
away from the clichéd magazine collage described above, Saez then scans the 
cutout shape and prints it onto sticker paper multiple times. This eliminates 
the glossy magazine texture and ensures uniform adhesion. She then “paints” 
with these sticker shapes, augmenting the emerging forms with actual paint, 
crayon, and other materials as she sees fit. Her convoluted and grown-up take 
on the cutout collage has produced a series of brightly colored, well-balanced, 
fun abstractions that blur the distinction between childlike and sophisticated.

Paige Saez’s new body of work is on display at the San Francisco Institute of 
Possibility now thru January, with an artist reception Thursday, January eighth 
at 7pm to 10.

3359 Cesar Chavez @ Mission
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