The Ask Dr. Hal show returns to the Chez Poulet every Friday in April
From: chickenjohn (
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2015 20:34:36 -0700 (PDT)
Tickets are $20 general admission, a few $10 for broke idiots and a few $40 tickets for rich guilty tech billionaires. Only 80 tickets per night, all shows will sell out. 

Description of show below…

If you want to see who is going on the book of faces:

The Ask Dr. Hal Show is a science question and answer show designed to confound and delight the audience. The show has 3 co-stars and a 5 minute opening act by Dr. Pete Goldie that is only 5 minutes long.

*David Cappurro body surfs the internet for relevant image content

*Krob manipulates audio to pepper the show with an amazing soundtrack

*Pete Goldie gives a 5 minute report of outer space stuff thats 5 minutes long

*Chicken John moderates the questions and dispenses Fernet for good questions and abuse for bad ones

 *Dr. Hal answers your questions. Any question. Any topic. His answers are nothing short of fantastic. He broad knowledge is impossible. He answers in verse, sometimes. In "Oppish". Sometimes when the money is right, he will recite one of the thousands of epic poems he has committed to memory. 


Heres how it works: when you come in you are given a pencil and some question slips/envelopes. You write your question down and include some cash. You then put it in the hopper on Chickens desk. Chicken opens the envelope, reads the question and Dr. Hal answers the question while Krob plays the perfect audio track for your question while David Cappurro shows images from Google image search and his vast collection of notable images. When it works perfectly, you can't believe it's improv. When it's not perfect, it's still amusing. It's totally interactive, totally unscripted and totally impossible that it works. 

Put it all together and the opportunity for the hysterical &the serentypical is amazing. Its an intellectual salon. Its a science fair. It's performance art without bad acting. Its a unique disaster that the stars have aligned for a brief run every Friday in April. Its been 4 years since the original line-up from the Odeon have been on the stage together. Who knows if it will ever happen again. These could be the LAST SHOWS!!!!!!

Show starts promopty at 9:00 and is usually 2 to 21/2 hours. 
Seats provided. 
Cell phone free zone.
3359 Cesar Chavez between Mission and S. Van Ness


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